Meet Our Team

Etai Sooliman – CEO

etai solimanEtai joined All-Stat with the goal of taking the company to the next level. With a B.S. in Industrial and Management Engineering and expertise in Operations, Strategic Planning and Marketing, Etai has the versatile skills required to manage the many aspects of the business and communicate with its various constituencies. He also has over 19 years of leadership experience, including serving as a Captain in the Israeli Paratrooper unit and managing and overseeing the day-to-day activities of a large company involving supply chain management and operations management.

Etai has spearheaded the growth and organization at All-Stat over the last six years, including increasing services rendered by over tenfold. His smart ‘business growth’ mindset allows him to continue enhancing All-Stat’s mission of stellar response times and personal customer communications, as well as persistently improving the company’s quality control system to maintain a 99%+ accuracy on customer orders.

While Etai has a strong presence and leads his growing company as a “take charge” CEO, his friendly demeanor and clear loyalty to his customers and employees exudes within the first minute of speaking with him. This rare balance of a competent and caring leader works favorably to set the company apart from competition when it comes to ‘wholehearted’ customer relationships.

Peter Kontos – COO

Peter joined the All-Stat team in 2015 and is an experienced healthcare professional with a strong background in management, business development, and information technology. Peter has been working in healthcare ever since working his way through college at the University of Iowa as a sleep technologist. After graduating in business and biology he held various management positions in sleep clinics and physician practices. Peter was the Director of Operations, at Xcel Diagnostics, a mobile cardiac diagnostics company, when All-Stat Portable acquired Xcel he saw the excellent potential and joined the great team at All-Stat.

Bret Lorenc – CFO

As a highly-motivated servant leader with 18+ years of CFO experience, Bret has led many cross-functional, amazing teams to develop and improve complicated and multi-layered business solutions and processes. After seven years in public accounting, Bret worked in a variety of industries, including a physical and occupational rehabilitation business and healthcare staffing services provider. Bret is truly passionate about working for high-growth, entrepreneurial organizations where his results-focused leadership style has proven invaluable in developing and implementing strategic plans while also integrating technology to improve businesses processes and automate KPIs and dashboards.

Avi Scheer – VP, Sales & Marketing


avi sheerWith a background working in administration within nursing home facilities, Avi has a keen sense of the issues the All-Stat customer faces and has developed strong working relationships with facility employees. While working at his previous employer, he used the services of All-Stat Portable so he has a exceptional working knowledge of services offered and is able to uniquely deliver to customers’ needs. He began working at All-Stat Portable because the opportunity with this young, but steadily growing company, was a positive challenge for him. His philosophy is that happy employees equal happy customers. So, in addition to his role of developing customer relationships, he has also passionately taken on an HR role in which he has implemented new HR & recruitment protocol handbooks and procedures; effectively created a pipeline of new employees via collegiate relations; and developed an employee appreciation program including creating uniforms to reduce employees clothing costs; establishing a benefits package; and coordinating employee events that build moral.

Anna Smith – Director of Operations

Anna brings 25+ years of experience working in the health care industry and focused on physician home house-call diagnostic services. She served as the Senior Director of Operations for VPA Diagnostics, overseeing a team of over 50 Radiology technicians, over 50 Sonographers and an office team of over 25 personnel.​ Under her tenure VPA Diagnostics expanded services into 14 states and 45 cities. 

Dave Chiero – Director of Clinical Services

Dave’s focus, the heart of All-Stat and what sets us apart, is striving to deliver our guarantee that every case goes through quality control. Unlike the competition, where most cases are left to the machine for accuracy, the 100+ years of experience makes reading images firsthand to Dave and his team.  His passion for this family owned and operated business contributes greatly to All-Stat customers’ high level of satisfaction.